Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Spa Pedicure and a Standard Pedicure?
The standard pedicure consists of mostly maintenance on your nails, which includes trimming, filing, buffing of the nails, exfoliation and lotion on the feet, and polish.  It lasts about 45 minutes and is $40 The spa pedicure includes everything in the standard plus you get hot towels on your feet, more exfoliation and lotion up the leg, paraffin wax and a foot massage. This one lasts about an hour and is $55.

How much does a color cost?
All colors start at $55. The final price all depends on how much color we use on your hair and if you are getting a haircut also.  If you want more than one color in your hair or if you have really thick, long hair, then the price will be more.

Do we accept Aveda rewards cards?
We are not a concept Aveda salon, which makes us ineligible to accept the rewards cards.

Do we have tanning beds?
We do not have tanning beds, however we do have self tanners.  We carry Tan Towels and Quick Tan Spray, which are much safer for your skin. We also have sunless spray tanning!

Do we offer body piercing?
We offer ear and nose piercing only for $20 each.