Hair Extensions

Beauty Locks are a human hair extension system with no glue or heat used for the application. Using a single strand method beauty locks are applied with a “U” shape locking tool that ensures maximum strength and hold. Easy for the stylist to apply and remove with one tool, beauty locks will endure every day wear, brushing, shampooing, and styling just like your own hair. With a recommendation of regular maintenance visits every 6-8 weeks, this hair can last up to 10-12 months or longer depending on the condition of the hair used in the beauty lock if taken care of properly.

  • Hair extensions are offered in 14”,18”, or 22”.
  • You can also order the hair in straight, body wave, or curly.


Pricing starts at $600

  • It includes 5 bundles of hair, beads, finishing haircut, and style.
  • You will also receive 20% off of sulfate free products at the salon.


Additional hair reflects the price below:

  • 14”- $50 each
  • 18”- $55 each
  • 22”- $60 each


Maintenance every 6-8 weeks is $250 and up depending if additional hair needs to be ordered.

Must pay shipping charge of $20 as well


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